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How It Works


Like Twitter, users are free to express their opinions about a vast variety of topics in a forum-like manner, with the ability to respond to and discuss other’s statements. Where Twatter differs is that you are able to give 2 basic responses – a red twat or a green twat, signalling disagreement or agreement. Along with this basic response, you have to state a reason as to why you do or do not agree with another individual’s opinion.


As we believe in total freedom of speech, there are no rules as to what you cannot say on Twatter. If, however, content that has been posted/linked to on Twatter is deemed illegal (For example, child pornography), we will immediately report this to the police.


During the sign-up process, each member will need to comply with identification verification. We intend to do so in a similar way to BitCoin  – you will need to send us a photograph of your face next to your valid passport, alongside a piece of paper with ‘Twatter’ written on it. Users will also be required to tell us which continent they reside in, their gender identity and their age bracket (18-30, 31-50 and 50+); this information will be publicly available on the user’s profile. User’s names will be displayed as the first initial of the user’s first name and their full last name – no chocolate.teapot_1985.