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Our intention behind developing ‘Twatter’ is to create a medium through which open discussion and debate can take place without the need to dilute or censor certain information and without the risk of being deplatformed, which is arguably the greatest downfall of existing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. PC culture and wokeism flourishing throughout the media is having a detrimental effect on the sharing and discussion of information around topics such as gender identity, sexism, racism, culture and identity to name a few; this has transformed social media into an echo chamber of radical leftist opinions and beliefs without any space for opposing views or discussion.

At the moment, we are only seeing one side of the argument on an array of issues and this is a massive problem. Milos Yiannopolis, Alex Berenson, Jordan Peterson and Stefan Molyneux are only a handful of critical thinkers that have been driven from the public eye and deplatformed over the previous years due to the information and opinions they present being undesirable to wokeists and PC Culture. For us to have balanced, fair and well-informed stances on issues, we first need to be able to assess the facts and evidence from ALL sides of the equation; this is not possible when the individuals raising these facts, opinions and arguments are unable to be heard.